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Emergency Planning Operations:

One of the Safety/Environmental Services’ prime objectives is to provide a safe and secure learning and working environment for our students, staff, and patrons. Emergency Operations Planning, including table top logistical exercises as well as participation in regional training programs are conducted on a periodic basis at the site and district level. We strive to maintain a proactive working and cooperative relationship with local, regional, State and Federal law enforcement and public safety agencies. Also, emergency evacuation and Shelter-In-Place drills are conducted at each site, per State and local standards, throughout the school year. Security cameras are utilized on all our school buses and at a specific locations in the District for safety and loss prevention purposes.

Spot Audit Program:

The Safety/Environmental Supervisor conducts a comprehensive audit of each campus and District facility during the school year to determine individual site strengths and challenges as well as offer suggestions to improve overall safety and security. An Executive Summary is generated annual and submitted for review and discussion of district-wide trends and best-practices.