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About Us

The Safety/Environmental Services department strives to provide superior customer service and reliable programs in support of the District’s mission. One of the functions of the department is to provide include accident prevention for students, staff and patrons and minimization of property losses and liability claims. Safety/Environmental Services develop techniques and strategies to mitigate exposures to loss, and implements programs to meet regulatory compliance and district policy requirements for safety and loss control. Other functions of the Safety/Environmental Services include but not limited to:

  • Work with Indoor Air Quality consultants on industrial hygiene and safety conditions.
  • Conduct Indoor Air Quality investigations.
  • Work with the Lee’s Summit R-7 Crisis Management Team, City crisis responders and public agencies.
  • Conduct risk/safety training.
  • Work with facilities on special projects.
  • Conduct safety inspections on buildings, grounds, and play areas.

Taking all the above into account, Safety/Environmental develops the most cost efficient insurance program that provides appropriate financial protection in the event of a loss. It is always our goal to develop a strong understanding of the types of activities that increase the exposure to losses through District activities.

The department serves to reduce injuries and to protect the District’s assets. This is only possible through the continued efforts of the BOE, Superintendent, administrators, supervisors and all District employees.